Cougar Mountain

Issaquah - Bellevue, WA

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Our Community

Those of us who have lived in Western Washington for any length of time already know and appreciate the extraordinary beauty of our region. This area of the Pacific Northwest is a blend of urban, suburban, and rural settings within easy driving distance. We know that we can travel to the ocean, lake or mountains and return home the same day, and that the weather year-round will be temperate with distinct seasons ranging from balmy and dry to crisp and frosty. Yes, it rains in our area; that is why we are called the Evergreen State, but it’s not all umbrellas and rain gear. In fact, this past summer we enjoyed 48 days in a row of blue skies and mild temperatures with no measurable precipitation. On days like these, we marvel and comment, “Oh look, the mountain (Mount Rainier) is out.” What an extraordinary view we have when the mountain’s snow-covered peaks emerge from the clouds. So much of nature’s splendor is packed into this corner of our country.